My website is up and running. I have worked really hard on it and I’m delighted that all my efforts have finally come to fruition and here I am, writing my first welcome message.

My name is Viorika, my cosplay nickname is AmazingRogue and I made my very first costume in 2007, although it wasn’t until three years ago that I realized that cosplay was my true passion and hobby. I have created lots of various cosplay pieces since then and this is just the beginning. I enjoy making things with my own hands, to bring various compelling looks to life, while learning something new every step of the way. And I want to share my experience with all of you. I’d be happy if my work inspires somebody to pursue their own creative endeavours, for instance, to make a cosplay of their favourite character – the more cosplay we have in our lives the better!

I’ve been running a cosplay community page for Russian-speaking readers for a couple of years now and I believe I’m ready for a broader audience. I’m going to publish pictures and notes that illustrate the process of creating the costumes, I’m also planning to write comprehensive articles with a detailed description of how I make a certain thing or even the whole look. I wouldn’t call them tutorials as such, for they’re not intended to be specific instructions on how to make things, I just want to share my personal experience and my creative works. And if that helps anyone to learn something new or to boost their skills – so much the better! Here you’ll also find sewing patterns, a photo gallery showing my works, videos and other cosplay-related trivia.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment in the comment box available on most website sections.


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