Ysera – the Green Dragon!

I will say at once that I had to paint the armour twice. It so happened that I botched the first version when it was practically finished (I might tell you about that mishap sometime later). That’s why I had to re-paint it just a few days prior to the fest. I usually take my time with painting and proceed at a leisurely pace=) But this was not the case, however.

First off, I apply base colour. In this instance, it is black, although this is not the paint itself, I had a filler primer of the same colour. That way I could start working on metallic parts of the costume straight away: layering on silver colour until it’s uniform and thick.

I then applied a dark-violet colour that was a priming colour for the green. I took great care when I went around the edges so that I wouldn’t have to rework the silver details all over again.

ysera armor craft warcraft tutorial


Next, I put on one layer of dark-green and on top of that – a layer of green, although I didn’t use it to cover the whole surface of the armour and left the lower parts, the corners – I mean those places that appear to be the darkest – with just one layer of green. I put the third layer, light green this time, on the upper and most prominent parts (for example, the top half of the breast plate).

warcraft wow ysera dragon armor tutorial craft paint


And here come the designs! I used dark-violet to draw the outlines of the armour scales. I also put some yellow to certain contours to make them look more sculptural and dynamic.

ysera wow warcraft armor craft tutorial


Finally, the finishing touch was a thin layer of yellow on the most illuminated areas (for example, the same breast plate I referred to earlier). All done!


world of warcraft ysera armor tutorial craft paint

Ysera – the Green Dragon!
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