Workshop: Patterns

Sylvanas classic bow

Also called Hateful Bow.
The pattern should be scaled to the desired size.


Jaina Gauntlet

Patterns for Jaina’s gauntlet. Scale is 100%.
Also you can order this armor in my Etsy store.


Jaina Pauldrons

Patterns for new Jaina’s look: three pieces of her pauldrons. Scale is 100%.
Also you can order this armor in my Etsy store.


Jaina Jacket

Pattern for Jaina Proudmoore jacket.
Scale is 100%. Size S/M


Tyrande glaive

Pattern for new Tyrande’s weapon – glaive.


Jaina Proudmoore cloak pattern

Free pattern for this amazing Jaina costume.
Also you can read the article about making of here.


Universal Gloves pattern

I use this pattern for almost all the gloves that I make.
It is very simple and straightforward.
Unfortunately, I do not know the author, but this pattern can be freely found on the Internet.


Ciri Fur Collar Pattern

I made this collar from artificial leather and fur.
You can use the pattern for free. I hope it will help you=)
Also you can read about creating the whole outfit here.


Ciri Blouse Pattern

I made this pattern for my Ciri cosplay.
You can download it for free.
You can read about creating the whole costume here.

Sean 13.02.2021 05:47
Hi! I just downloaded the Jaina Gauntlet to try out, however the download couldn't be opened. After a bit of investigating, I found that this extra data is being added to the start of the file: ` Notice: Undefined variable: mimetype in /var/www/rogue/wp-content/themes/rogue/single-utility.php on line 12`. I manually deleted this part of the file in Notepad++, saved the modified file, and then it opened fine. I tried the Ciri Blouse, with the same result - and the same fix. Hopefully this will solve the problem if anyone else runs into it, and you can investigate to see if it's a server issue!
AmazingRogue 17.02.2021 22:32
Hi! Thank you, now it fixed! =)
Ann 03.01.2019 00:46
Thank you so much!!
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